Subscription to hidden content

The site has private content that is not freely available – these are various files, programs, databases and much more.

You can subscribe and get access to hidden content.

Subscription price.
1 month – $99


🔔 When paying, specify your telegram and email address. Subscription activation takes place in manual mode. Specify your order number and amount in the comments to this post or write to us in a telegram.



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  1. I paid for the subscription. How do I get access?

    • Specify your telegram when paying , the moderator sees your data and payment and will send you the activation link faster in the telegram

  2. I made the payment already 2 hours ago and how do I get access to the hidden content ?

    • Activation takes place manually. Always specify your telegram contacts – we will send you a link to activate your subscription there.

  3. Tell me there are restrictions on downloading files ?

    • After paying for a subscription for 1 month. You can download files without restrictions.

  4. Is it safe to install files on the server ?

    • You don’t have to worry about viruses or backdoors. We take files from more than 10 forums that value their reputation. Files are also uploaded as hidden content, for a small circle of people with a reputation on the forum or with a paid subscription. You can download all the good files.

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