Bulletproof hosting Abusive (DMCA Ignored) Anonymous VDS server for the site


Hello everyone, in this article I would like to discuss the choice of an anonymous hosting (server) for a scam, an economic game or a casino – so that it is resistant to complaints and so that it is not blocked.

Usually such a question arises – when your favorite hosting BLOCKED YOU at the first complaint, All normal hosters DO NOT ALLOW pyramid HYIPs FRAUD in general

What to do?

We need an abuzo-resistant hosting outside of your country . In the offshore zone


Even in the case of Ddos attacks, you can attach a FREE CloudFlare to hosting

At the moment, THERE is ONE optimal OPTION – this ZOMRO


The best price

The largest number of domains

The biggest plus from the rest is: Abuzo-proof Anonymous Hosting
Its servers are located in the Netherlands

In other words: On other hosting sites, your SCAM site, or a site that you have banned, or there will be complaints from users about your site. The site will simply be blocked. Therefore, you need to choose a proven hosting.

Do not take risks and choose this hosting!!!

1.25$/month 10 sites per month
4.5$/month. 40 sites per month


DOMAINS ( as for the ban ) Register on passport scans – in which case they will be needed to unlock

Hiding the server’s IP address using Cloudflare

Get a 50% discount ( look for the button in the header of the site)






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  1. There is also one myth that hosting for a hype must necessarily be protected from Ddos attacks, but as for me, this is nonsense. The DDOS attack service is expensive, from $ 100 per day, and it is unlikely that the owners of unhappy farms practice this method of eliminating competitors, for the reason that the cost of the service is several dozen times higher than the possible income. Ddos attacks are most likely carried out by the companies themselves and hosting companies that provide protection against DDOS attacks in order to earn money. Let’s start by looking at what Google offers us. I went through the entire TOP-10 output for several queries, and the following picture turned out (I chose only hosting sites that were repeated at least once)

  2. I advise you! Not once blocked

  3. Thank you. For information

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