Download for Free Crypto exchange platform

A new reconstructed version of the Java currency contract exchange (new front-end, back-end)
front desk:
Account: us +1 13800138001
Password: 123456

Account: us +1 13800138001
Password: 123456

Account: test
Password: 123456

Account: 13800138001
Password: 123456

otc, currency-to-currency transactions, flash swaps, currency-based perpetual contracts, U-based perpetual contracts, options contracts, second contracts,
Innovation lab (first launch (snap buying), first launch (equal split), position sharing, free subscription, cloud mining machine), financial management (regular, scheduled investment), etc., multi-language background, support for multi-chain automatic deposit and withdrawal
A full set of 30,000 USDT. There is a separate charge for developing new features, including back-end Java, front-end Vue, native Android ios APP source code, deployment tutorials, and paid technical support for overseas projects

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