the script of the book

The script of the bux shabashka original has a lottery, investments, surf, tasks


We fill the sql database in phpMyAdmin

We register the connection data to the database and from the vk application for authorization in the file classes/_config.class.php (there are hints there)

We create the VK application here:
Platform: Standalone application

you need to register the ID from vk in the file views/subs/_leftbar.php

We also specify the data from the wallet in the file classes/_pconf.class.php (there are hints in the file)

Paer handler /payeer_op

Go to the file on the way
views/admin/login.view.php line 6 — $allowed_ips = “”;
Instead of zeros, we register our ip so that only you have access to the admin authorization page.

The admin panel has 3 levels of protection:

Login, password
An additional step is a key
IP of the administrator (only you can get to the authorization page).

To change the login, password, administrator key, go to the database, the admin table
1 cell is a login
2 cell is the password
3 cell is the key

Access to the admin panel:
Access data:

The site is ready for use and full operation.

Скрипт букса шабашка оригинал есть лотерея ,инвестиции,сёрф,задания


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