Casino script 2024 NEW 560 games [nulled]

The casino management system is the best option for starting your own online business. He does not pay to choose a project, looking only for the minimum cost. First, you should take a look at the technical features and other nuances that we offer. For example, our high-tech GoldsVet Mong generates the most optimal conditions for the successful start of your own online casino business, which will bring significant profits.

By purchasing a casino management system, you get a full-fledged business project that can bring you additional or basic income. Of course, you will not make a profit now the next day, but with a proper marketing strategy, the costs of online casinos acquiring repayment are fair, and in the future the project brings a good and stable income.

Launch your own online casino Vulkan. Vulkan casino script with all the games.

Kernel version 6.5

560 GAMES in HTML5

AMATIC (100)
EGT (55)

Payment system: BTC Cryptogurnence, FreeKassa

How to install ?
Buy vds – write to support that you need the following parameters

OS: Debian / Linux / Ubuntu / Centos / Win 10 (X64)
PHP 7.2.x.

JSON PHP Module Extension 1.6.0
Ioncube PHP Extension
Open SSL Extension 1.1.0
Nodejs 12.
MySQL: MariaDB-10.2-X

The script comes with instructions for installing the Goldsvet casino script in Russian.

There is a service (installation assistance) Write in the telegram.












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