Download for free PHP Scripts FRANCK casino + sports betting Scripts

Casino script and sports betting.
The script works on gsm GOLDSVET
We have made a good modern adaptive template for all DEMO devices

Has no domain restrictions.
All games are open source.
There are 1154 games in total.
All games work on the computer and on the phone and are in html5 format.

Sports betting works via API – you can connect different providers (the cost is about $ 80 per month)

The script is ready to work. After payment, you will receive a link to the archive in the cloud.

The only point is to comment out unnecessary html in the template (for example, menu items) Where the files are located is written in the instructions for the script

The archive has installation instructions. If you have any difficulties, write to your server support and send them instructions for installing and configuring the server =

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