Fake Bitcoin Sender Software

Fake Bitcoin Sending Software: It is easy and fast to send fake Bitcoin transactions to any bitcoin address with innovative software that uses the double expense method to send false bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin sent in this way is a false transaction, the transaction remains in the wallet for several days, you will have hash identifier. after the transaction, the recipient’s balance will be updated a few seconds after sending bitcoin,


—-Can send a maximum of 1-150 BTC

— Can be transferred from one wallet to another

Frequently Asked Questions
Fake Bitcoin Sender Software

1) What is Flash BTC (Main transaction)?
1) This program is a combination of race attack + finey attack to transfer bitcoins to any wallet or exchange in real time.

2) What is the maximum amount of bitcoin that can be encrypted?
2) With the help of our program, you can withdraw a maximum of 1000 BTC daily for each transaction.

3) Is it possible to spend these coins?
3) Yes, these bitcoins can be spent and transferred to several wallets.

4) Can we split these BTC?
4) Yes, you can split these bitcoins into several wallets after flashing.

5) Can we use these bitcoins for trading?
5) Yes, you can use it to trade on exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi, etc.

6) How long will the flash card stay in my wallet or on the exchange?
6) After flashing, the coins will remain online for 21 days, and then will be rejected by the network if no miner confirms the transaction.

7) Can I cancel the transaction before the expiration of 21 days?
7) Yes, the software is built in with the ability to cancel the transaction during the validity period.

8) Is it tracked in real time in Explorer?
8) Yes, you can track a transaction in real time in blockchain explorer using a TX ID, hash, block or bitcoin address.

9) How many times can they be transferred from my blockchain wallet after the firmware is completed?
9) It can be transferred to a maximum of 13 wallets after the flash is completed.

10) Can I convert the generated Bitcoin into other coins such as USDT, Eth, BNB?
10) Yes, you can, you can also send the generated BTC to the seller in exchange for another coin using P2P.

11) What is the maximum Bitcoin I can flash?
11) It can send up to 50 BTC per transaction, I recommend you to send, for example, in small chunks; if you want to send a transaction in 60btc, you send 20btc 3 times so that your transaction does not get stuck in the chain

12) Why is the software for sale, since it can already generate Bitcoin?

12)To avoid abuse of the software and thus give it real value. Also, fake BTC has its own value. we decided not to make the software free, so it is sold at a very affordable price for serious buyers.
Think of it as buying a fake dollar bill that can be spent for real money.

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