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Gojak Clone script is a ready-to-run on-demand multiservice application embedded with multiple user requirements. This effectively helps in creating a new business application equipped with various on-demand services, such as a handyman, taxi service, tow truck, etc.

Using mobile apps to book services online is a very fashionable activity among us. Customers can access various services to perform their usual tasks, such as ordering a taxi, laundry services, tow truck, doctor’s order, dog walking, handyman order, food delivery and so on. Although all of this can be accessed through separate apps, it requires a lot of data to be stored on mobile phones. This is where a multi-service application such as Gojek Clone becomes an effective source for booking various on-demand services in real time using a single mobile application. The ready-to-use Gojek clone from SpotnRides has many notable improvements, such as fully adapted development options, branding your business, adding individual functionality.

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