Everyone knows that there are a lot of sites for distributing bonuses on PAYEER

Самые Крутые Бонусы Payeer Здесь!

There are a lot of such sites now – accordingly, there should be a Script (BOT) that automatically collects bonuses from all sites at once.

This script was created under such a legend ! He pretends that he collects bonuses for a certain amount and then asks for REMUNERATION for his work, after the first payment he asks to pay for the service (commission for withdrawal, for example))) and so on as much as you like.

After all payments, the user is transferred to download Infotowar (How to make money on PAYEER) or wherever you want.

SETTINGS – the script has been tested ! There are sales !

There are instructions inside!

In short , you can put your own prices , rewrite the text

You make a PAYEER store, upload some script (HYIP, etc.), pass Moderation and fill in this script

Prices can be set from 500 rubles ( depending on what traffic )

The amount of bonuses collected costs a little more than 1000 rubles – you can change, for example, 15,000 so that there is a slight shock and a desire to snatch this money for free. So often do!




Has the script been tested for vulnerabilities ? SQL Injection, XSS, Include – checked for backdoors, knockers, shells and other malware


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  1. Great script, good laugh))

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