WORKING Script of Vulkan casino 2020

Online casino scripts for opening a gambling business

The script does not require a subscription fee – you do not need to buy a license.
Buying an online casino php script once — you can always use it.
It is not forbidden to install SCRIPT on multiple domains (sites)
This is a working casino script, it has no binding to the developer’s site. The PHP script is very reliable Naturally there are no vulnerabilities and holes A pure script of an exclusive licensed casino

WORKING Script of Vulkan casino 2020
Ready-made scripts for creating your own online casino
A bunch of modern games

open source

Installation instructions in the archive

РАБОЧИЙ Скрипт казино вулкан 2020 год

Admin panel

РАБОЧИЙ Скрипт казино вулкан 2020 год



add-ons How to upload a script to a casino hosting 01.10.2020

Working script of Vulkan GOLDSVET casino – How to upload to hosting?

Setting up Vulkan Casino

How to upload vulkan script to hosting

We upload files to the server and create a database

If there are errors, try other versions of PHP

We register data from the database

We prescribe the data for entering the admin panel

A bunch of games Can be connected to “FREE KASSA”

I register a new user and top up my balance for the test

If something doesn’t work or is stupid, change PHP, I try from 5.4





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  3. How do I download a file ?

    • You can download all the scripts for free by subscribing on the website. Read the instructions when you click the download button.

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  5. Hello, still relevant, can I download it?!

  6. Still relevant?!

  7. How do I download this script ?

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