Script Exchange betting Sports exchange betting software

A powerful php script for sports betting and bookmakers. NULLED.SOURCE CODE

The script has been decrypted and untied from the license

There are installation instructions inside the archive. Installation assistance ($100) if you need our service, write to support

Also in the archive there is another software from this company


The software for sports betting is your universal solution for stock betting and bookmakers, adapted for corporate-level business.

Our software is unique in design and easy to configure taking into account all aspects.

Exchange bets – Software for betting on sports exchanges
Your universal solution for exchanges and bookmakers, as in the betfair clone

The software technology used
PHP, Node js, and MySQL. Supports and tested up to PHP 7.4

a beautiful colorful template in green tones as a gift
Script Exchange betting Sports exchange betting software
Script Exchange betting Sports exchange betting software

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  1. Marco Antonio Islas

    Help me download it? Do I have to pay for a subscription?

    • We upload these files for free to VIP subscribers. Sign up for a VIP subscription and download everything for free

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