Script Prophecy is a betting management system + casino

Prophecy is a betting management system. It can be used to guess the result of World Cup/tournament matches in a kind of prediction. Players compete in guessing the correct result of a match. Football, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, or even Yes/no questions like: will Brazil win the next World Cup? First, the user needs to make a deposit for forecasting. The user will receive percentages, followed by a coefficient. The administrator can control the matching lock/unlock, ratio update, issue, option addition instantly when the user does not need to restart the website
Script Prophecy is a betting management system + casino
Script Prophecy is a betting management system + casino

If you still need any help, please email us (the support email address has been added to the documentation file). We are always ready to help you.

Custom functions
Betting history
24+ automated payment methods
Transaction log
Deposit money
Deposit log
Withdrawal/payout history
Email + SMS + Push Notification
Updated profile and password
Referral commission
Contacting the support service
Administrator Functions
Financial statistics and information
KYC Management
Managing Role permissions
Game Category Management
Manage the game tournament
Manage a team
Match Management
Real-time match, question, add/update option
Real-time match, issue lock/unlock
Prediction result management
Make a winner
Projected refund amount
User Management
User statistics and reports
24+ Automated payment methods
Added a manual payment/bank deposit system
Full payment history
Log of withdrawal requests
Review of the report
Contacting the support service
Basic Website Controls
Email Configuration
Managing Email Templates
SMS Setup
SMS Template Management
Push notification
Logo Management and SEO
All content management
Updating your profile and password

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  1. Jesus Beltran

    Is there an API? How do I connect it?

    • Write to me, I will send you the contacts of a programmer who will help you for a small amount.

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