Script of the BITCOIN Cryptocurrency Exchange (2024)

A powerful script of the Cryptocurrency Exchange with its Android and iPhone applications. The cost of the developer is $ 21,000, we merge it for $ 500$$

Archive weight 1.7 GB

Open source. There is documentation on setting up the script





Script Features

– the system of buying and selling.
– cryptocurrency exchange.
– You can add your own currency.
– You can choose from over 2300+ coins in the system.
– Paypal, Payeer, Gourl, Stripe and mobile Money payment gateway.
– transaction setup system.
– restriction on withdrawal and transfer of money.
– there is a live chat on the exchange page.
– e-mail and SMS system for deposits and withdrawals.
– 100% secure payment and trading system.
– the client can see his open transaction.
– the client can see his trading history.
– the client can withdraw or transfer money.
– and much more…

Environment and software version
Local development environment
Node V10.15.1
NPM V6.4.1
JDK V1.8.0_131
IDEA 2019.2 Ultimate Edition
Xcode 11.5

Server Deployment Environment
Centos 7.6
Java openjdk version “1.8.0_212”
Kafka 2.11-2.2.1
Zookeeper 3.4.14
Mongodb 4.0.19
Redis 3.2.12
MySQL 5.6
ETH 1.10.2
BTC/USDT 0.11.0

Recommendations for setting up the server
The configuration I suggest is not necessarily the one you should use. If there are insufficient financial resources, you can reduce allocations accordingly; if the amount of funds is sufficient, it can also be allocated accordingly. Here is my recommended server configuration and the third-party services I need:
Operating System: Centos 7.x

1,Server 1
(4 cores 8G, hard disk with 40G by default of the cloud service provider), web server, bandwidth from 5 to 10 m or more, for storing front-end web resources. Nginx must be installed on the server to forward domain names.

2,Server 2
(8 cores 16G, 100G SSD hard drives), 1 M bandwidth (used mainly for intranet), used to create basic Kafka, MongoDB, Redis services.

3, Server 3
(8 cores 16G, default hard disk size 40G), bandwidth 1M (used mainly for intranet), for deploying microservices 00_ within the framework. The server needs to install Nginx to forward microservices.

4, Server 4
(8-core 16G, 800G HDD “SSD”), 1 M bandwidth (used mainly for intranet), wallet node for deploying BTC, USDT, ETH, preferably SSD. Run the wallet_ microservices under rpc control.

5, Server 5
(4-core 8G, 100G hard drive), 1M bandwidth (native mainly for intranet), just buy MySQL database service provided by cloud service provider directly, MySQL version 5.6 is required.

6, Aliyun OSS
(by default, 40G seems to be tens of dollars a year)

7, SMS service
The system supports many SMS, but you can easily add your own SMS platform, which supports Saime by default.

8, Postal service (optional, the system has been changed to register directly via mail without verification)
The best buying advice
1, Insufficient funds
Tencent cloud (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.), a pay-per-volume model.

Sufficient funds
Aliyun (Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, the United States, etc.), the mode of a year-round monthly package.

These are the server configurations and third-party services you need. In fact, all microservices and software such as Kafka can be run on a single server, but in a production environment I recommend using multiple servers, mainly for data isolation, such as wallet nodes and basic software such as Kafka, and services (various jar packages) from the data.
In fact, MySQL databases recommend more stable cloud services, and of course you can also create MySQL yourself (which saves costs to some extent, but increases maintenance costs)

The script of the cryptocurrency exchange 2023
The script of the cryptocurrency exchange 2024




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