TELE2 WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce

TELE2 Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce payment by bank card card2card

Payment is accepted directly to your Bank card or virtual Kiwi, POISON, etc.

Notifications in Telegrams about created orders



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  1. Good afternoon! In this plugin, TELE2 car2card will be written in a text message from the bank and you will not be able to put your own store name?

  2. According to the chassis, I will immediately do something to attribute the store and re-install the script. He’s gone! There’s no time to go back to that now.

  3. and there will be no such scripts with payment on Open Cards ? only under GDP?

    • You can download all the scripts for free by subscribing on the website. Read the instructions when you click the download button.

  4. Salute Admin. Is everything relevant with the plugin? Works with virtual machines?

    • With which virtual machines? I hope you’re not another MORON who thinks that you can cheat on virtual Kiwi. For adequate people, everything is relevant and all problems are solvable.

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