The script is a fake Script exchange

General information:
– A simple shared hosting is enough to use, you will need a VPC/VDS if you strive for maximum independence / control over the server.
– Php version 7.1 +.
– Courses are pulled up from a separate public resource.
– Convenient admin panel, with support for adaptability to mobile devices.

– Garter in the admin area of the token and the id of the tg bot/group to send in transaction data
– Adding/removing coins (any number, now 50 top ones have been added)
– Auto publication of prepared reviews, 3-5 per week (in one of the design versions)
– All the reviews that users write on the “reviews” page go to the tg (the same one that is tied up in the admin panel)
– Setting a percentage on a separate coin pair for exchange
– Adding/subtracting the total percentage for all exchanges
– Pulling up api courses from a well-known source
– Logging of all actions in the root directory file
– Exchange events go to the tg bot/group in the format : transaction id, amount of a new order in USD, coin pair, purse specified when creating the application, mail, ip, transfer amount in the selected crypt, promo code if used, worker tag
– Selection of the min/max amount to be exchanged
– Promo codes with a garter ID, for example, for a work team.
– 2 languages Russian/English with default switching to the browser language
– List of all transactions + confirmation in the admin area (confirmation page)
– On the site, the text “we do not provide details for exchange outside our site” is displayed every time until you close it (it is displayed on each new ip address, as well as in several versions of the design)
– Page 404
– The group in tg opens by pressing the call button for technical support.
– Mail and wallet masks are taken into account (for example, the LTC wallet mask is relevant and allows old types of wallets)

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  1. Can you tell me how to download this file?

  2. I can’t download the file. This is a hidden file. How do I download it?

    • This is valuable content – A very expensive script. We can’t make it publicly available for free. Sign up for a VIP subscription and download files.

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