Bulls Bears Battle Trading System

The Bulls Bears Battle manual trading system based on the indicator of the same name consists of two proprietary indicators written in the MQL4 language. This is the main Bulls-Bears-Battle.ex4 indicator and an additional HLDiap-i.ex4. The system is ideal for traders who prefer to trade on the chart (Trade in One Click) or use scalping in their strategy. All you need is to attach indicators on the chart with the currency pair you are interested in, select the chart period and follow the signals.


Forex Стратегия Bulls vs Bears



Tips and recommendations.
The indicator works with all trading instruments and on all Time Frames.
For the selected trading instrument, select the optimal values in the properties of the Indicator.
The longer the intervals between trend changes, the more reliable the signals to the entry points into the position.
If you are a supporter of medium-term or long-term trading, we recommend using Time Frames of 30 minutes and above. If you prefer scalping or fast trading, then use the Indicator on small Time Frames of 15 minutes and below, as well as the one-click Trading module, to quickly open orders.
The Indicator signals are advisory in nature. You make the decision on the auction yourself. It all depends on your discipline, money management tactics and serious attitude to business.
Do not rush to withdraw profits. The more capital, the more opportunities.
If you decide to use the system on PAMM accounts where Rollover is provided (closing open positions at a certain time), set the maximum allowable Rollover (from 7 days or more).
Each brokerage company has its own conditions. There are no ideally identical conditions. Therefore, the profitability readings of the system may differ.

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