Free HYIP monitoring script

A good powerful HYIP monitoring script + installation instructions. This platform is very convenient and easy to use.

Instruction manual:

Upload all files from the “SITE” folder to your server in the directory of your future site.
Create a new database and import it from the file in the “DATABASE” folder
Edit the file confing.php which is on the way\engine\data\confing.php and edit line 9: ‘http_home_url’ => ‘http://monitor /’, where instead of http://monitor / set your site domain name.
Go to the file\engine\data\dbconfing.php and connect the database

define (“DBHOST”, “lochalhost is usually here”);

define (“DBNAME”, “your database name”);

define (“DBUSER”, “database user_name”);

define (“DBPASS”, “your database password”);

To activate the admin panel, you need to keep the URL of the site in the browser +crack.php: and click on this link.

Login to the admin panel:

Login: admin
Password: yaj9008at28


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