Free 2X-PAY Doubler Payeer Script

Download the Payeer 2X-PAY doubler script with an original design for free.

To create a financial system based on the principle of cash flow distribution. The funds of the participants who invested later are distributed among the participants who invested earlier. Everything works automatically.

The script was written to order. Unlike the original, the script is written in OOP, additional filtering of all incoming data is installed, which guarantees protection from XXS and Sql injections. All settings are made in the configuration file, there is not much functionality in the administrative panel, since no special actions are required from the administrator.

Automatic replenishment and payments to the Payeer payment system work properly , the script has also been tested and is fully functional .

Hacking protection has been installed, all holes have been closed, vulnerabilities and malicious scripts have been removed.You don’t have to worry about security!

All settings are in one file, the installation is very simple.

Installation Instructions:

Admin panel http://ваш website/?page=admin
Admin’s secret word — 1234
Admin’s nickname is admin

Setting up Merchant connections:

Successful payment URL: http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=success
URL of failed payment : http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=fail
Handler URL: http://сайт/core/success_pay.php


Upload the script from the WWW folder to the root of the site.
Create a new database and import the file from the DATABASE folder.
Configure the connection to the database in the file /core/config.php
Configure project settings in the file /core/config.php
Create a store in payeer and register the settings!

Download the Payeer doubler 2X-PAY script for free

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