h-script Settings

Generate a key for H-SCRIPT – Link

install a hype script on the h-script hosting engine

Since the script was already standing somewhere, we delete the old data

Delete everything in the file _config.php

Clean the tpl_c folder ( leave only .htaccess )

Reset the old password (PIN ) module/_config/pass ( ON pass.php , and just a pas file)

Fill in the script for hosting (do not forget about the license YOUR_DOMAIN.ru.lic)

Next: Set access rights 777 to the logs, module, tpl_c folders and files _config.php , cron.php

Create a database

Go to the website and the Configurator will open ( or you can open it by following the link http://имя site/_cfg)

Next: Fill in the data from the database

Fill in the new data ( check the Create and fill base box )

Next, go to the site and log in under the admin

Detailed setup instructions are available on the H_SCRIPT website



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