How to create a HYIP?

You probably think that HYIP projects are essentially a fraudulent project, or rather a financial pyramid that pays old users from new contributions

It’s a little OFF

A HYPE becomes fraudulent when it stops paying. And before that, it is an investment project, and the creation of investment projects is not prohibited.

Do not pay attention to the big words Scam! Scammers!! ( don ‘t pay any attention to it at all )

So how to become a HYPE admin and make money on it ?

It’s simple!

Register an Anonymous PAYEER Wallet — click (payeer is anonymous )

Download the script and install it !

Connecting the payeer payment system

We allocate a budget for an advertising company

We buy advertising on HYIP Monitoring ( find a bunch of them in the search )

Let’s start! We take some of the money for ourselves (for example, 15%) and pay the rest


Here is a great script for a HYIP project with PAYEER auto payments

Как создать хайп проект




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