Working script of the BonBar bonus

Download for free the Working script of the BonBar bonus.

Bonus Payeer and surfing sites!

Modern design everything is simple and nothing superfluous!

Automatic replenishment and payments to the Payeer payment system work properly , the script has also been tested and is fully functional .

Hacking protection has been installed, all holes have been closed, vulnerabilities and malicious scripts have been removed.You don’t have to worry about security!

Replenishment at full automatic via the payer. Payments in manual mode.

The file contains the auto-installer and setup instructions

Instruction manual :

Upload files from the /bonus folder to the hosting.
Create a database on the hosting.
Go through the automatic installation of the script by filling in all the data


Admin panel
The path to the admin panel: http://домен/admins

According to the standard , the data is as follows:
Login: admin
Password: admin

Admin setup takes place manually in the database
in the admin_users table

Instructions for connecting the replenishment of the advertising balance
Settings in the admin panel.

Payeer Work Links:
Successful payment:

Unsuccessful payment:



Merchant editing from the bottom in the right side
occurs in the file bottomblock.php

Path: /system/usections/bottomblock.php

The top banners are edited in the admin panel

To make payments yourself manually in the Payeer wallet.
The ordered payments from the user can be monitored at the Stanistika point on the website, or in the admin panel in Payments — Disbursements of funds.
there will be marked payments being processed.

You will need to go to the admin panel in Payments — Disbursements of funds
, the user’s name and wallet will be indicated there , as well as the withdrawal amount,
as well as the payment status,
After paying the funds, to change the status for the desired payment ID, change the digit 0 to 1

Download the Working script of the BonBar bonus book for free.



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  1. Hello, how do I set it up? bonuses included in the admin panel, added. Anyway , the site writes
    Receiving bonuses has been suspended by the Administration

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