Working script of Vulkan megastart casino

Download the Volcano megastart casino script for free.
The script of a very popular cms — casino engine script of the casino-megastart project (vulcan)
There are many payment systems including Payeer.
Features: many payment systems, multifunctional admin panel, many settings.

A large number of games: roulette, slots, poker.

Bonus: payeer payment system

The script is working Without holes, vulnerabilities and bugs!

1) unpack, upload files.
2)Create a database
3)Upload from the bd.sql file
4)Specify the paths in the engine/config/config_db file.php

installation is complete

Admin panel –

login admin password admin wm scripts

Казино вулкан





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  1. Tell me how to make the lower part dark

  2. All words in the signs “?” how to convert to normal words, I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work out. Give the info to the mail kivoa I will be grateful.

  3. everything seems to be fine – but why don ‘t the games start !!!

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