invest game script


Fill in the baza.sql
database and upload the script archive to the hosting.
Register the database data in classes/_class.config.php in two places, register the payeer wallet data for payments and deposits.

Withdrawal of funds is available to payeer wallets as well as Yandex wallets. On yandex, the payment is made automatically from the Payeer wallet.
Please do not climb in the payout files, so as not to bring down the work of the payout script. Top-up on Payeer, but you can still connect Freekassa.

In the admin panel, the design of viewing the balance of the project wallet is configured. See the Payout page in the admin menu.
There are more than 2800 participants in the database. All participants’ data is reset to zero and 1000 silver and 1 bird are added for each participant to start the game.

Login to the admin panel: /?menu=secret

Login and password: admin


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