Link-slots script

A unique script of storefronts, links and banners, a copy of the well-known Linkslot site. A fully working script for buying and selling ads. Download, test and comment.

In the database, we change the user’s data from ID1 to our own, and when you log in to your account, you will see the admin panel on the right. There are no separate files to log in! :be happy:


1) Fill in the files and the database. In the inc folder in the file configbd.php register a database and a poker shop
2) In /page/index.php in line 105, you need to change “comm_psy” to “comm_out”, otherwise the commission will be shown on the main page when entering, and not when withdrawing. The same errors are found in the “Question-answer” section. The script is working, payeer plows. It is necessary to correct the rights to the /page/success file.php and then in the final of entering money into the project does not transfer to the site, although the payment takes place


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  1. how to set up deposits

    • Good afternoon, who can and how much will it cost to make a link to a megachurch on the ringost

  2. Tell me which handler URL: the address for payeer

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