Script surfing sites

Download the Script of surfing sites for free


Upload the files to the hosting, and connect the db.sql
database in the file system/config/db.php
Replace the logo with yours in the system/name/img/500.png folder
Replace the ref. banner with yours in the folder system/banners/ref/468×60.gif

Banners from Linkslot, replace with the top 2 banners in the file sections/top.php line 64 and 70.
2 banners and a link in the left, replace in the file system/usections/leftblock.php
banner on the main in the middle, replace in the file sections/all/page.php
at the bottom of the footer, replace or add a counter in the file system/usections/bottomblock.php

Admin panel
https://ваш .website/admins
Login Admin
Adminka password

Login and password can be changed in the admin_users database

The rest is already in the admin panel

Site Screenshots:

Скачать бесплатно Скрипт серфинг сайтов


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