Hype script 2019

The hype script WITHOUT HOLES has been tested for vulnerabilities

Payment systems Peer Yandex PM There are auto payments

If you have SSL installed, then in the file \page\profile\perfect.php change http to https
Line 70:
Line 71:
Line 73:
Tariffs are configured in page/profile/nixmoney.php , payeer.php , perfect.php , qiwi.php
Be sure to rename the admin panel. First in the admin panel itself, and then in the admin404 folder
On files tmp/cookie.txt , payment.txt set the recording rights to 666
Enter the number and password of the nixmoney wallet in nstatus.php in the 11th and 30th lines and page\profile\nixmoney.php
Data from the database is set in data/connect.php

To access the admin panel, log in to the site with the data
Login admin
Password admin
Code word admin

The codeword changes in the tb_adm database
The password changes sl. thus, you register a new user with the desired password. Go to the admin panel, the tb_users table, copy the password hash from the new user and replace it with the admin in the tb_users and tb_adm tables

Handler URLs
PAYEER http://site.ru/status.php
NixMoney http://site.ru/nstatus.php
Yandex http://site.ru/yandex.php

URL of successful payment http://site.ru/success.php
URL in case of failure http://site.ru/fail.php

*site.ru changing to your domain

vkH1FK2bhV8H1W3ExcBqZULTX md5 perfectmoney


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