Top-Bonus Doubler Script

Doubler script on the Payeer payment system

Screen of the site:

Top-Bonus Скрипт удвоителя


Upload files to the server
Make a database dump from the SQL.sql file

All script settings are made in core/config.php

Open the file core/config.php and edit the database connection.
Then edit the Payeer settings, receiving funds (merchant) and payment (api)
Replace the wallet of the project with your own, the admin ones will drip there.
Then configure the project for yourself, this includes % of the deposit, deposit time, admin, ref, etc.

Then you need to edit in the – core/ folder two files called:
1.In the pay_admin file.php in line 24 replace “Your site” with your site name.
2.In the file pay_ref.php in line 21, replace “Your site” with your site name.


URL of successful payment:

https://ВАШ WEBSITE/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=success

URL of unsuccessful payment :

https://ВАШ WEBSITE/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=fail

Handler URL:

https://ВАШ САЙТ/соге/ѕиссеѕѕ_рау.рһр



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