A unique script for the Ninja game

Every day more and more people are looking for the most profitable option for investing money, well, since you have wandered here, then you are considering making a profit through economic games. We are glad to present to you our perfectly balanced project.

What is our merit?

The answer lies on the surface – we have worked out the economic model in such a way that the balance between small and large investments does not pull the “blanket” towards the extremely mentioned. The project splits the profitability and payback into three months, which creates a buffer for payments. And while there are payments from this buffer, the player who invested the funds pays off his nijia and goes into profit. Also, it is worth noting that early and later players will not experience discomfort and neurosis about what they may lack for payments – we assure you, a model based on a three-stage interest rate and the time of hiring a ninja will demonstrate to everyone that the balance of inflows and payments will be observed for a long time. After all, you will agree – having paid off and received additional profit, you will want to take a kind of “little gold miner” again.

Because the characters are not eternal, then after going into net profit – it’s up to you to decide whether you want to continue playing in a project that is famous for payback and lack of points. Plus, we will tell you a little secret, the project developer helps us to improve the quality of the game and its functionality, from which the game will become more beautiful and more interesting every year.

Are you still thinking about joining? – Take a look at the same type of one-dayers around. We are the team of the future and we will prove that economic games benefit people!

Join our community and get your first payout today!


FK – PAYEER payment systems


We prescribe the BASE, PAYEER, FK, reCAPTCHA – Etc. in – inc/config.php

Admin / rich PASS Change in the database id =’1′

kassa payment processors


1) the registration substrate has been updated to a length

2) errors transferred to SweetAlert

3) The wallet binding has been removed from the regi

4) fixed prefixes of 99 engine that_ on the latest version of rich_

5) Added 6 character

6) marketing has been moved to cycles

7) unloading and some forms are also transferred to cycles

8) there are more wallets in the settings

9) regular expressions are written to wallets

10) the percentage data is entered in the config on the array N[n], where N is the month (1-3), and n is the corresponding character (1-6)

11) The plug has been replaced by 30 rubles

12) Upon registration, an equivalent (amount of currency) is given sufficient to purchase the 1st character

13) In the SumCalc function, the timer has been changed to the calculation of the monthly calculation – which is true


Скрипты экономических игр
Скрипты Экономических и Инвестиционных игр

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