The Payeer script of the Voluson doubler

Download the Payeer Doubler Volusion script for free without holes.

An interesting and fully functional Payeer script of the Volusion doubler with a unique design. An open source script, without coding, can be installed anywhere. Everything is clear in the script, there is also an affiliate program.

Automatic replenishment and payments to the Payeer payment system work properly , the script has also been tested and is fully functional .

Hacking protection has been installed, all holes have been closed, vulnerabilities and malicious scripts have been removed.You don’t have to worry about security!


Upload files to the server
Make a database dump from the SQL.sql file

All script settings are made in core/config.php

Open the file core/config.php and edit the database connection.
Then edit the Payeer settings, receiving funds (merchant) and payment (api)
Replace the wallet of the project with your own, the admin ones will drip there.
Then configure the project for yourself, this includes % to deposit, time of contribution, admin, ref, etc.

Then you need to edit in the — core/ folder two files called:
1.In the pay_admin file.php in line 24 replace “Your site” with your site name.
2.In the file pay_ref.php in line 21, replace “Your site” with your site name.

Setting up Merchant connections:

Successful payment URL: http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=success
URL of failed payment : http://сайт/index.php?e=payeerbilling&m=fail
Handler URL: http://сайт/core/success_pay.php

Screen of the site


Скачать бесплатно Скрипт Payeer удвоителя Volusion

Personal account

Скачать бесплатно Скрипт Payeer удвоителя Volusion.


Download the Payeer Doubler Script Voluson for free.



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