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We fill the site for hosting
We prescribe links to payment in the file pays.php

// link output via GET pays.php?go=0

pays.php?go=0 is registered in the HTML script for example on the PAY button

pays.php?go=1 is registered on the upsell ( the second payment link after the first one) if there is one

We put links in this file pays.php – made for convenience so as not to search for a link in HTML

We register for example in the E-pay affiliate program INSTRUCTIONS GO

PARTNERS will be added to you and will pour traffic to this site
With each sale you will go %
Or pour traffic to this site yourself

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  1. Fucked up this your or not your redirect to another site. I download the third script with this redirect. Where, in what line is it at least encoded? I can still find a simple redirect, but this one is encoded in no way. I’m not an expert in these matters, give me the info by mail.

  2. deleted lines from js will still redirect to another site

  3. How do I download the script ?

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