Game Thimbles Module for Farm

Download for free  The thimble module for a fruit farm.
This add-on is a game.

The essence of the game: it is necessary to guess under which thimble the ball lies. In case of a win, the bet amount
is doubled and credited to the user’s account balance.

The module is fully operational, without vulnerabilities, correctly configured to work.

Installation Instructions:

Fill in the files as they lie.
1. The thimble folder must be in the root of the site.
2. _thimble.php must be in pages/account/_thimble.php
3. File thimbles.php must be in the horse of the site.

1. In the file.htaccess in the root of the site, we prescribe this:
RewriteRule ^account/thimble(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&sel=thimble [L]

2. In the file /pages/_account.php we prescribe this.
case “thimble”: include(“pages/account/_thimble.php “); break; // Thimbles 2

3. In inc/_user_menu.php We prescribe this.
<div class=”field-gr”><a href=”/account/thimble”>Thimbles 2</a></div>

Everything is ready!!!




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