Farm neighbors fruit farm script


Download the famous Farm Neighbors script for free!

The Neighbors Farm is a virtual farm with the ability to raise animals. The products they bring can be sold and processed.
The game has experience and energy that needs to be maintained.
You can talk about this game for a long time, well, probably not worth it, since you yourself know everything perfectly well.
And now there is an opportunity to become the administrator of this game.
After all, you can download the farm neighbors script for free here
The settings of the farm script are not complicated, it will not be difficult to figure out.

As for connecting the database, they are in the file data/conn_file.php

The admin panel is located on the path: your_site.<url>/adminka
Your Login: admin
Your password: 12345678900
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Your Login: werlis
Your password: 12345678900

Well, that seems to be all you need to know about this script. The rest is as they say along the way.
The network has on some sites and the neighbors farm script for a fee, to be honest, the same thing lies everywhere. Unless of course you are familiar with the developer of the original script.
Good luck with that!




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