Credit module for FF

Download the Credit module for Fruit Farm for free.

What is in this module:

1) You can configure the maximum loan amount in the file

2) The loan is issued in silver to the account for purchases

3) The loan is issued at 10%. Those who are friends with mathematics will set up a larger percentage, all settings are performed in the file

4) You cannot order a payment without paying off the loan

5) The loan can be repaid only through the PAYEER payment system

The module is vulnerability-free, fully tested and correctly configured to work.


The module requires extreme accuracy during installation.
Follow all the points carefully!


1) Upload all files by directories.

2) Load The Database

3) Go to the root.htaccess

To find:
# Rules
RewriteRule ^rules(/?)+$ index.php?menu=rules [L]

# Repayment of the loan
RewriteRule ^kredit_oplata(/?)+$ index.php?menu=kredit_oplata [L]

To find:
RewriteRule ^account/bonus(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&sel=bonus [L]

RewriteRule ^account/kredit(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&sel=kredit [L]

4) Go to the root index.php

case “contacts”: include(“pages/_contacts.php “); break; // Contacts

case “kredit_oplata”: include(“pages/_kredit_oplata.php “); break; // Repayment of the loan

5) Go to pages/_account.php

case “config”: include(“pages/account/_config.php “); break; // Settings

case “kredit”: include(“pages/account/_kredit.php “); break; // Credit

6) Go to classes/_class.config.php

To find:

public $secretW = “something”;


# Settings for credit payment
public $kredit_shopID = ShopID;
public $kredit_secretW = “SecretKEY”;

7) You need to set up A STUB FOR PAYMENTS

– How to set up a stub, see the “Stub” file

8) You need to set up a store

– How to set up a store, see the “Store” file

9) Register in inc/user_menu.php

<div class=”field-gr”><a href=”/account/kredit”>Credit</a></div>

Installing a stub for payments :

Go to the file pages/account/_payment.php

Find these lines:
}else echo “<center><b><font color = ‘red’>The Payeer wallet is specified incorrectly! See the sample!</font></b></center><BR />”;


Insert BELOW:
# Stub from freeloaders
if($user_data[“insert_sum”] <= 9.99 OR $user_data[“kredit”] >= 1){

<center><font color=”red”><b>You can’t order a payout!<p>Perhaps you have not repaid the loan, or the amount of your deposits is no more than 10 rubles!</center>

<div class=”clr”></div>



The plug is installed!

The store is configured in the same way as for replenishment, only in the “handler URL” field you write http://ВАШ САЙТ/payeer_kredit.php

Settings in the file classes/_class.config.php

# Credit payment settings
public $kredit_shopID = Store ID;
public $kredit_secretW = “Store key”;

Everything is ready!!!




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