the script of the E-PROGER digital goods store

69CMS digital goods store engine. / E-PROGER
It has an excellent multifunctional administrative panel with product moderation, ticket system, review moderation, etc.
For sellers, there is a personal account with the ability to add goods, edit and raise in positions for a certain price.
The PAYEER and MEGACASS payment systems are present in the engine. Installation and setup is simple


Referral system , ticket system

PAYEER payment system ( automatic payments ) and Megakassa


We register the database class/config.php

Edit pages in a folder views/layouts/header.php BASEMENT footer.php views/index.view.php Etc.

reCAPTCHA google – register views/layouts/authModal.php

Change the E-PROGER title to class/gen.php

ADMIN PANEL /cpanel – pass – admin admin





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  1. What should I prescribe in payeer? I try everything, the payment goes through and returns to 404

  2. What should I prescribe in PAYEER? The payment goes through but returns to 404

  3. Tell me how to add a payeer wallet to withdraw funds in your personal account? I enter the power wallet + the password from the account writes to me ( Payeer wallet has the wrong format ) How to fix it?

  4. What should I insert in the “Handler URL:” “Successful payment URL”?

  5. The same problem ((( Help someone ((( How to register the URL in Payeer merchant?

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