The script of the Internet Traffic Exchange

Download the Script of the Internet Traffic Exchange for free

How to install:

Upload the contents of the script folder to your site directory
Create a MySQL Database (DB) on your hosting
Go to the created database and import the Database.sql file
Open the file cfg.php in a text editor, for example
Fill in the file cfg.php according to your settings.
Be sure to set the start time for midnight (00 00) in the Task Schedule (cron) on your server, the path to the file cron-update.php
(Attention! Statistics (logs) for webmasters and advertisers will be available after the first launch of cron!!!)
The path to the administrator folder http://вашсайт/frozentron/
Generate a new admin

Redirect an advertising link to another domain if necessary or optional:

The files and folders listed below must be copied to another domain.
Attention File cfg.php must be configured according to the main hosting!


In the file cfg.php in the $POdURL variable, enter the redirect domain,
and save it on the main hosting

The Interkassa payment system and WebMoney are used. make all settings in cfg.php

Site Screenshots:

Скрипт Биржи Интернет трафика


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