The script of the HYIP project Pro-Bizness on PerfectMoney

The script of the hype Pro-Bizness on the Adminstation engine.

PerfectMoney payment system.



We appreciate your time! Therefore, an installation file was developed, with which the installation of the HYIP script became much easier and faster.
To do this, you need to do several actions:

1. Create a database on your server (Encoding: windows-1251)

2. Write down all the data (including the license key) in the file cfg.php

3. Upload all files to the hosting

4. Run the file: httр://SITENAME.COM/install.php (SITENAME.COM – replace it with your domain name)

5. In the form, enter your data for the administrator and click INSTALL!

6. After successful installation, delete the file install.php

7. Give write permissions (777) to the file: rss.xml

8. Configure the launch of the cron, once a day, exactly at midnight (Run the script by the GET method using the wget program).
File adminpanel/cron.php (Preferably rename the file)

9. You can make other settings via the admin panel in the “Project Settings” menu



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