Doubler on PAYEER download for free

Download the doubler script for PAYEER for free,
The admin panel is simple, but it does not require many functions.
There are no holes and vulnerabilities in the script!
Installation Instructions:

Configure the connection to the database in the file core/config.php
Configure project settings in a file core/config.php
your website/?page=admin will ask for the password 1234567

In this script, the file success_pay.php located in the core folder.
It is necessary to connect input and output in a file config.php in the core folder.
everything should be written there where to enter what.

In payeer, you need to create a store for accepting payments and register

URL of successful payment:


URL of failed payment :


Handler URL:


and register in the file success_pay_payeer.php a secret. kay from the store

if (isset($_POST[‘m_operation_id’]) && isset($_POST[‘m_sign’]))
$arHash = array($_POST[‘m_operation_id’],
‘here’s your secret to register’);




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