Video course Double benefit

Video course Double benefit
How to use the YouTube platform to gain a subscriber base and attract partners to absolutely any project
— 10 years of work at a furniture factory.

— own classic business.

— since 2013, its own YouTube channel.

— has released dozens of courses on earning money on the Internet (7 of them are free).

— own unique methods for earning money in “affiliate programs”.

— Founder of the MoneyMaker partner Program earnings school.

Hi! Having worked for more than 7 years at a furniture factory as a shellman of upholstered furniture, I came to the realization that this could no longer continue, and the mortgage on the apartment forced me to look for other sources of income.

He opened his own classic business – a photo studio, and then barely paid off his creditors, selling it to the ends. I had to go back to the factory. Is the situation familiar to many in our country? In general, there have been ups and downs in my life. Barely enough to live on and pay the mortgage. After returning to the factory, I began to be interested in earning money on the Internet. It took 3 years before I finally decided to retire from production. This happened when my earnings on the Internet approached my salary at work.

Today I have no problems paying 150,000 rubles a month for a mortgage. And my experience in the Infobusiness is close to 6 years.

Today there are ways that you will learn about, they will help you earn a monthly salary in 3 days!



We fill the site for hosting
We prescribe links to payment in the file pays.php

// link output via GET pays.php?go=0

pays.php?go=0 is registered in the HTML script for example on the PAY button

pays.php?go=1 is registered on the upsell ( the second payment link after the first one) if there is one

We put links in this file pays.php – made for convenience, so as not to search for a link in HTML

We register for example in the E-pay affiliate program INSTRUCTIONS GO

PARTNERS will be added to you and will pour traffic to this site
With each sale you will go %
Or pour traffic to this site yourself

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