WEBGENERATOR collecting cryptocurrencies

We are a new and aggressively developing company

which came to the world of cryptocurrencies with innovation!
A few words about us

We are a new and aggressively developing company that has entered the world of collecting cryptocurrencies with Innovation! The thing is that the WEBGENERATOR service is an Innovation that offers to collect Satoshi without spending your personal time!

What is the WEBGENERATOR system? We have developed a program that collects cryptocurrency with a thousand taps in automatic mode, all that is required from the user is to run the program.

This bot program simulates human actions, thousands of scenarios are prescribed, which makes this bot invulnerable to any filters, also an undeniable advantage of this program is that the bot program also follows advertising links, which makes it possible to earn the owners of cranes that use WEBGENERATOR



We fill the site for hosting
We prescribe links to payment in the file pays.php

// link output via GET pays.php?go=0

pays.php?go=0 is registered in the HTML script for example on the PAY button

pays.php?go=1 is registered on the upsell ( the second payment link after the first one) if there is one

We put links in this file pays.php – made for convenience, so as not to search for a link in HTML

We register for example in the E-pay affiliate program INSTRUCTIONS GO

PARTNERS will be added to you and will pour traffic to this site
With each sale you will go %
Or pour traffic to this site yourself

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