The viral script PYATEROCHKA GIVES

The viral script PYATEROCHKA GIVES

The essence of the script is to take a survey To share in WhatsApp with friends and, for example, pay for activation.For example, 390p or advertise another site – For example, a paid survey.

Users will be shared on social networks and how incrementally your site will advertise itself.

Only from September 17 to September 30! Take the survey and get up to 5000 rubles to your bonus card The duration and number of coupons are strictly limited! The bonus is valid in all stores Discounts on promotions are not cumulative.

Its own form of payment is p2p (from card to card) You can make upsells (chain of payments) Money from sales is credited directly to your bank card.

The archive contains the script itself and the form of payment.

Instructions are inside.



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  1. how do I get this product?

    • All files are available for free by subscription. Buy a subscription and download everything for free.

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