Drunk game script for FF

Download the module for FF Wino for free

Game for fruit farm “DRUNK” the essence of the game:
12 vital things for Alik are hidden in a field of 25 cells: 4 bottles of vodka, 4 bottles of beer and 4 cigarettes. A wife is hiding in one of the cells. Alik is not very happy to see her. And the remaining 12 cells are empty and when you open them, you will lose. When winning, the bet is multiplied according to the coefficient.


1) Upload files according to directories!

2) Make a query to the database from the SQL.sql file

3) To The File.htaccess insert
RewriteRule ^account/aliko(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&sell=aleko [L]

4) To the file pages/_account.php insert after

cache “references”: include(“pages/account/_referals.php “); break; // Referrals


case “aliko”: include(“pages/account/_aliko.php “); break; // Drunk Alik

5) In the user menu, insert a link to the pin activation page

The module is installed!




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