Heads and Tails -Module game for FF


Download free module for FF Heads and Tails

The module is a game for the fruit farm heads and tails. Flash visualization.
Installation instructions are attached in the archive.

Instructions for installing the heads or tails plugin :

— All files to copy and the table for the database are archived —

1. Upload a file coinflip.php to the root of the project
2. Drop the coinflip folder into the root of the project
3. Upload a file _orel.php to the pages/account folder
4. open the file.htaccess and add to the end of RewriteRule ^account/orel(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&sel=orel [L] 5. open file _account.php (located in the pages folder)
6. after case “config”: include(“pages/account/_config.php “); break; // Settings
7. add this case “orel”: include(“pages/account/_orel.php “); break; // heads or tails
8. open the file _user_menu.php (located in the inc folder)
9. and after <div class=”field-gr”><a href=”/account”>My profile</a></div>
10. insert this <div class=”field-gr”><a href=”/account/orel”>Heads and tails</a></div>
11. import the table into the database or create a cell called gamebank with the double type in the db_config table yourself



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