The hype engine of the Green-Union project

Download for free a new beautiful script of a hype doubler in a new template. What’s changed: there are a lot of functions in the script!
The hype doubler engine works with the perfect payment system

Our system is an investment program that provides its investors with the opportunity to have a stable income. Our team consists of professional analysts and traders with many years of experience. Most systems collect investors’ funds on their accounts. We invest them in modern technologies in the field of fuel and energy industry. Our investment plans are based on the most innovative strategies and will be convenient for every investor.
Installing the script
In the root file cfg.php configure connection to the database,
In the root file cfgpe.php set up a pauyer payment card,
How to get into the admin panel?
Register on the site, then go to the database and find the users table,find your username and edit,put the value 1 in the status field if the admin panel did not open along the way iutiyut1dyf8sgda5sfd, then change the value to 2 everything should work.



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