Download the FairPlay hype script for free on the h-script engine

Download the hype script in a new design.The script runs on the engine (h-script
) In this script, we have an updated user account and a bunch of settings, there are a lot of interesting things.
The script is installed according to the instructions and takes several minutes, the script itself is protected from all types of injections.

– Fill the script and the received key to this domain into the root of the site
– Set 777 access rights to logs, module, tpl_c folders and files _config.php , cron.php
– Create a database in the hosting panel
– Go to the website – the Configurator will open (../_config)
– On the Setup tab, enter the system e-mail (for error alerts) and database parameters
– Set a password to log in to the Configurator
– On the Install tab, check the box “Create and fill base…”, select the script mode and fill in the Administrator account parameters


скрипт хайпа FairPlay


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