The Bonus module for Leaders for a fruit farm

Download the Bonus module for Leaders for FF for free

We present to your attention the Leaders Bonus module for a fruit farm.

The bonus is issued once every 24 hours in silver to the account for purchases.

Bonuses can only be received by those users who have withdrawn a certain amount from the project.

All functions are easily configured in the module file.

The archive contains a complete installation manual with a detailed description.

This addition will look elegant on a fruit farm and attract the attention of investors


Follow all the points carefully!

1) Upload the file to the pages/account directory/

2) Register in pages/_acoount.php
case “bonus_lider”: include(“pages/account/_bonus_lider.php “); break; // Bonus Leader

3) Register in inc/_user_menu.php
<div class=”field-gr gift”><a href=”/account/bonus_lider”>Bonus Leader</a></div>

4) Go to the root.htaccess and register
RewriteRule ^account/bonus_lider(/?)+$ index.php?menu=account&set=bonus_lider [L]

5) make requests to the database





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