Bonus Investor (Investor bonus)-A module for a fruit farm

Download the FF Bonus Investor module for free (Investor Bonus)

A new addition for the economic game project with money withdrawal.
It will make your project even more attractive for admin and investors.


Easy and fast installation
The module is fully functional
Full control via the admin panel
Protection against cheating
A module without holes and vulnerabilities
Easy to set up
About the module:

The investor bonus is issued once every 24 hours to the account for Payments to users who have replenished the account balance for a certain amount.
When access to a new bonus is opened, the old bonuses remain available to the project participant. That is, when replenishing the balance for the maximum bonus amount – “Bonus Investor”, the project participant will receive bonuses: Min Investments + Light Investments + Stan Investments + Max Investments.

Detailed installation instructions in the archive




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