Russian Farmer Script of an economic online game


Download the script of the game “Russian Farmer” for free

We present to your attention the script of the invest game with the withdrawal of money “Russian Farmer”. The new farm design will pleasantly surprise webmasters.


We upload all files to the server
Fill in the database file in phpmyadmin
Go to the inc folder
Find the file start_sess.php
In it we enter data from the database

Ready! the script is installed

We make ourselves an admin!!!!

We register on the website!
We go into the database
We are looking for our account and open it for editing
We are looking for a line with the name dostup and put a tick on the number 1
All of you are admin!
Now we immediately look for the status line above and set ourselves 1 – Now you and the moderator!

Payeer Settings

We go to Payeer and create a store with any name
In all fields, enter a link to the main page except the last one, enter a link to the file there payeer_merch.php
In the file payeer_merch.php and in the file inc/payment.php enter the store ID and secret key

We carry out the same actions with the sale of keys only files are edited inc/pkey.php and payeer_key.php



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