The script of the invest game with the withdrawal of money Mr-farmer

The farm script on the FF engine. Attractive design. Supplemented with many plugins. An excellent solution for doing business in the field of online games. Fully ready to work.

A beautiful script for a new farm. Mr-farmer

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Auto-top-up and auto-payments on payeer.

Installing the script of the game with the withdrawal of money (economic game) on hosting

Installing the script on hosting is very simple and takes a minimum of time, we will talk about installing a standard FF script, i.e. a Fruit Farm. Actually, the installation of other scripts is very similar and differs only in small things.

Installing an economic game script with money withdrawal

1. Upload the files to the server
2. Make a Database on the hosting and import a file with the .sql extension into it
3. Open the file classes/_class.config.php and change the DB connection to your own
4. Set the start date of the project

File Setup classes/_class.config.php

$UserDB – DB user name
$PassDB – password to the database
$BaseDB – DB name

Setting up payment systems on the script of an economic game

The script mainly works with the PAYEER payment system, so if you do not have a wallet in PAYEER, register it HERE.
Next comes the instructions for connecting the store to receive funds.

1. Log in to PAYEER and create a store.
success: http://ваш сайт.ru/success.html
fail: http://ваш сайт.ru/fail.html
status: http://ваш сайт.ru/payeer_merchant.php

2. Open the file classes/_class.config.php and edit the variables $shopId and $secretW
$shopId – store identifier
$secretW – secret key

3. Open the file payeer_merchant.php and edit the bonus for the first deposit.

Setting up the withdrawal of funds by users from the site

1. Log in to PAYEER and create an API user.
2. Open the file classes/_class.config.php and edit the variables $AccountNumber, $apiId and $apiKey
$AccountNumber – Your PAYEER wallet
$apiId – API number
$apiKey – Secret Key




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